Children's Dental Services

We offer dental care for all members of the family, including your children. We recommend that a child comes for their first appointment either at the sign of their first tooth, or around their first birthday.

Childrens Dentist, Pictou CountyYour Child’s First Visit

It is recommended that you take your children to a dentist within 6 months of the first visible tooth, or by their first birthday. It is important for dentists to see any issues with your children’s teeth before it becomes a problem.

If your child is anxious about their appointments, you should provide them with the education they need to understand the importance of the dentist. Try to make their oral health care routines fun, and they might feel more comfortable at their next visit.

Why take your children to the dentist?

Like adults, it is recommended that children visit the dentist once every 6 months. Along with early problem detection, it is important that the dentist ensure a child’s at-home oral care is working.

Our dentists are able to provide X-rays that can show tooth decay, detect crooked and crowded teeth and suggest an orthodontist if further work is required for your child.

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