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VELscope® Oral Cancer Screening

To screen for oral cancer and other diseases VELscope uses tissue fluorescence to reveal cellular, structural, and metabolic changes inside your mouth.

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Detecting Signs of Oral Cancer

VELscope is considered to be one of the best ways to detect abnormalities in the tissues of the mouth.

This technology has the potential to detect pre-cancer, cancer, and other illnesses, often before any symptoms are visible – and early detection is vital for improving rates of successful treatment, and maintaining a high quality of life.

How is the VELscope Procedure Performed?

A VELscope screening can be performed in about two minutes during routine hygiene exams and doesn’t require the use of dyes. This makes it one of the most efficient oral health screening methods that exist today.

Your hygienist will use the VELscope to shine a harmless blue light into your mouth and on your head and neck so any abnormalities that cannot be seen under white light can be detected.

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