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Non-surgical Gum Therapy

No matter how well you care for your teeth, you may still be suffering from gum disease. Our dental professionals can diagnose this condition and provide treatment.

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Repairing Your Gum Health

During a periodontal screening, your dentist will examine your teeth and gums to determine whether periodontal disease is present. If it is, and it's not too advanced, we may recommend non-surgical gum therapy.

There are three non-surgical gum disease treatments that we offer at Highland Dental Centre. All of these can be done in our office, and you may be given local anesthesia to keep you comfortable.

Your dentist will likely perform a treatment or combination of treatments over time, since they'll need to assess how effective each treatment option is for your individual circumstances.

If your treatment plan does not sufficiently address your gum disease, your dentist may refer you to a periodontist, who can surgically remove the diseased tissue, allowing for proper healing.

Localized Medication

Once the area of bacteria and plaque accumulation below the gum line has been identified, medication may be administered directly into the affected areas as a first step toward thwarting the gum disease.


When your gum is diseased, the tissues surrounding your tooth can show signs of chronic irritation and inflammation. Using the curettage technique, we remove the infected gum tissue so that new, healthy gum tissue can grow.

Root Planing

Sometimes, gum disease affects the surface of your tooth’s root. During a root planing procedure, we remove small amounts of the root's infected surface to allow your soft tissue an opportunity to heal.

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