Soft Tissue Laser (Biolase)

Soft Tissue Laser (Biolase)

Safe and non-invasive, the Biolase Laser helps our staff identify signs of tooth decay much earlier than other oral health care methods.

Why do we use soft tissue laser technology?

With Biolase we’re able to start treating problems sooner, giving the tooth a greater chance of survival without additional invasive dental treatments.

A Soft Tissue Laser (Biolase) works by shining a light onto your tooth through an optical fibre, which distinguishes healthy teeth from unhealthy ones by the level of fluorescence displayed on the reading.

How is soft tissue laser technology used at your appointment?

If signs of decay are present, we are alerted immediately, both visually, and with an audible signal. Once we’ve identified a tooth (or teeth) that’s beginning to decay, our knowledgeable staff will develop a custom treatment plan designed to help return the tooth to its optimal health.

Noticing decay early – and working to improve your oral health – can ultimately help eliminate the need for drills and needles.

Biolase can be used for a variety of dental procedures and treatments, including gum surgeries, pain reduction, and therapeutic treatments.

Use of the biolase technology can reduce time spent in the dentist's chair, and can reduce pain and anxiety for some patients.

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