General Dental Services in New Glasgow

At Highland Dental Centre, our full spectrum of general dentistry services have been keeping our patients in Pictou County and the surrounding area smiling.

Our dentists provide services that range from regular hygiene check-ups to root canal therapy migraine pain prevention.

We also offer services to help improve your overall health, such as migraine prevention, snoring appliances and gum therapy.

At Highland Dental Centre, our dental hygienists, assistants and dentists want our patients to be proud of their smiles everyday.

Below are just a few of the general dentistry services we offer. For more information, book an appointment today. Request Appointment

  • Dental Fillings in New Glasgow

    Bonded Fillings are natural looking, tooth-coloured composite restorations that can be used to fill cavities and repair damage in place of traditional metal fillings.
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  • Migraine Pain Prevention in New Glasgow

    If you suffer from migraine or tension headaches, you know the pain and misery they can inflict. Stabilization splints have been proven to reduce headache triggers, like abnormal muscle contractions and teeth grinding, by nearly 70%.
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  • Non-Surgical Gum Therapy in New Glasgow

    No matter how well you care for your teeth, you may still be suffering from gum disease. And, because it's sometimes painless and nearly invisible in its earlier stages, it most often requires a professional eye to make a diagnosis.
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  • Oral Hygiene in New Glasgow

    Twice-daily brushing and regular flossing are excellent for maintenance between office visits, but a healthy mouth and beautiful smile require routine, professional preventative care to stay that way.
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  • Root Canal Therapy in New Glasgow

    Root canals are performed to treat an injury to or infection of the inner pulp of the tooth.
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  • Snoring Appliances in New Glasgow

    Snoring can be a real problem. Not just for the one who snores, but for anyone trying to sleep nearby, too! Our office offers non-invasive, comfortable solutions to help prevent snoring, including Silent Nite® appliances.
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Brighten your smile at Highland Dental Centre in New Glasgow.

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