Snoring Appliances in New Glasgow

Snore Appliances in New Glasgow, Pictou County

Snoring can be a real problem. Not just for the one who snores, but for anyone trying to sleep nearby, too!

What Snore Appliances does Highland Dental Centre in New Glasgow offer?

We offer various models of snore appliances here at Highland Dental Centre. Our office provides non-invasive, comfortable solutions to help prevent snoring, including Silent Nite® appliances. Silent Nite® appliances are prescribed  by dentists to help patients get a better night's sleep.

Positioning the lower jaw using special S-shape connectors attached to comfortable, BPA-free trays, the Silent Nite® sleep solution increases space in the airway tube, reducing the vibration that results in snoring. These snore appliances are a personalized, non-surgical solution to your snoring problem.

Why might I need a snoring appliance?

You might need a snore appliance if the snoring is affecting the sleep of either yourself, or those around you. We all know that sleep is crucial to your overall health. When you come in for your appointment, be sure to ask one of our dentists about how snore appliances can be fitted for you.

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