Implant Restoration in New Glasgow

At Highland Dental Centre, our focus is on non-invasive care. Our dentists perform tooth extractions only when saving the tooth is no longer possible.

Tooth Extractions in Pictou County

Who needs a tooth extraction?

Highland Dental Centre recommends tooth extractions only in the most extreme of cases, where a method of saving the tooth is not available or possible.

For example, if a tooth’s roots are damaged beyond repair, traditional restorative methods like root canal therapy would be ineffectual, necessitating the extraction of the traumatized tooth to maintain the overall health of the mouth.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Pictou County

Many dentists also recommend the extraction of impacted wisdom teeth.

While the teeth may not initially cause physical discomfort, the angle of impacted wisdom teeth can cause problems with adjacent teeth, and can create inflammation and irritation as they continue to emerge.

In severe but rare cases, wisdom teeth that are impacted can actually develop cysts that have the potential to weaken or damage the bone in the jaw. In these situations, an extraction is the best choice.

Implant Restoration in Pictou County

Who needs Implant Restoration?

Implant restorations are for patients who have lost teeth due to accident, injury, or issues with hygiene.

The result of a lost tooth can be reduced self-esteem and confidence. At Highland Dental Centre, we use dental implants to help patients with lost teeth regain their love for their smiles.

What are some benefits of Implant Restoration?

Implants have a high success rate, and fit into your mouth just like natural teeth, which allows you to avoid the slipping caused by ill-fitting dentures. They do not adversely affect the teeth around them, and will give you a healthy looking smile.

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