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Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

Has your dentist recommended dental implants to replace missing teeth? If so, you may need a bone graft before your implant procedure can proceed. In this post, our Pictou County dentists explain bone grafting for dental implants.

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How Much Will My Teeth Hurt When Using Invisalign Clear Aligners?

Today, our Pictou County dentists explain why your teeth may hurt a bit during your clear aligner treatment with Invisalign, and how you can manage any discomfort you experience.

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What is it like living with dental implants?

If you're considering getting a dental implant to replace your missing tooth, you're likely wondering what it will be like living with one. Our Pictou County dentists explain some of what you can expect day-to-day.

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Can Clear Aligners Fix an Overbite?

Our Pictou County dentists are often asked whether an overbite can be fixed with clear aligners. In a word, yes. But first we should look at what an overbite is, why it should be fixed and what the process entails.

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Dentures vs. Dental Implants

When the need to replace missing or damaged teeth arises, patients in Pictou County have a number of effective tooth replacement options to consider - two of the most popular are dentures and implants. 

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Eating with Clear Aligners: The Complete Guide

Because clear aligners are removable, you’ll enjoy not having dietary restrictions during your treatment. But today, our Pictou County dentists explain some other things you should know about eating and drinking with clear aligners.

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Dental Implants Healing Time

Dental implant surgery, just like any other type of surgery, requires a recovery period. After getting one or multiple dental implants inserted, the recovery is relatively short. Here, our Pictou County dentists explain. 

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What do Clear Aligners Cost?

Cost is often a concern for people seeking to straighten their teeth, or correct bite issues, with Invisalign clear aligners. Today, our Pictou County dentists break down the financial factors you may want to consider in the decision making process.

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Do dental implants look natural?

Are you considering dental implants to replace your missing tooth or teeth? If so, you may be concerned about whether your implant will look natural. Below, our Pictou County dentists address this question.

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12 Tips for Wearing Clear Aligners From Our Dentists

Wondering how to wear your aligners so they are as comfortable as possible and give you the most benefit from treatment? Our Pictou County dentists review some tips for you.

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